Other Pests

As if the other pests weren’t enough, here are some more pesky critters that can invade your home:

– Earwigs –

Adults 1/4″- 1″ long with pinchers on the rear. They enter the home from the exterior.

They get their name from superstitious people long ago once believed they got in your ear while you were sleeping at night and bore into your brain.  Let’s hope not!

– Silverfish –

Found through the U.S. and around the world. The adult body is 1/2″ – 3/4″ long excluding tails. Shaped like a carrot or fish like, silver in color. They eat paper products ie: books, cardboard etc. Feeding marks are irregular holes or notches along edges. Yellow stains or feces may be found on infested items.

– Pantry Pests –

Found in dog food, bird seed, rice, grains, and cereal. Indian meal moths and rice weevills are 2 common examples found in homes. Infested packaging removal is required before successful control is done.

A lot of possible intruders to your home, aren’t there?

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